The separation of South Sulawesi from the autonomous area of South Sulawesi and Southeast was declared by the constitution number 13 in 1964, so that it become the South Sulawesi Autonomous area of South Sulawesi.
South Sulawesi is a province of Indonesia, located on the western southern peninsula of Sulawesi island. The province is bordered by Central Sulawesi province to the north, South East Sulawesi province to the east and West Sulawesi province to the west (West Sulawesi province was split from South Sulawesi in 2004). The capital of South Sulawesi is Makassar, Makassar, (Macassar, Mangkasar) is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi.
South Sulawesi province comprises the narrow southwestern peninsula of this orchid-shaped island, which is mainly mountainous. The seafaring Bugis dominant the southern tip, whereas the northern part of South Sulawesi is inhabited by the Torajas whose unique culture rivals that of the Balinese. Famed for their seafaring heritage and Pinisi schooners for centuries, the Bugis possess to the present day one of the last sailing fleets in the world.
The Bugis vessels have sailed as far as the Australian beach, leaving behind drawings of their ships on stone with words that have been integrated into the Aboriginal language of north Australia. Situated on the crossroads of well-traveled sea-lanes, its capital and chief trading port of Ujung Pandang, till today the gateway to eastern Indonesia. Spanish and Portuguese galleons, followed by British and Dutch traders sailed these seas in search of the spice trade, escorted by their men of war to protect them against the daring raids of the Bugis and Makassar who attacked the intruders.


Geographical condition and Territory of South Sulawesi Province is at 0°12' - 8° South Latitude and 116°48' - 122°36' East Longitude. This Province was bounded by:
North side: Central Sulawesi
East side: Bone Bay and South-East Sulawesi
West side: Makassar Strait
South side: Flores Sea
Its area is 175.77 kmē and has population of 1.25 million.
Before the Republic of Indonesia has it proclamation, South Sulawesi is include of a number of independent kingdoms and dwelt by four etnic, that is: Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Torajans. There three big empires that have big influence, those are Luwu, Gowa, and Bone, which at XVI century and XVII century reach their glorious, and has trade relation with Europeans, India, China, Malay, and Arab.
After the independence, there is the constitution number 21 in 1950, which stated that South Sulawesi become an autonomous Sulawesi Province. In 1960 become an autonomous South Sulawesi and South east based on the constitution number 13 in 1960.

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